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Kino no Tabi Fanfiction

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[not challenge] In the Moments Before Sleep [Jan. 20th, 2010|09:09 pm]
Kino no Tabi Fanfiction

[Current Mood |curiouscurious]

Title; In the Moments Before Sleep
—thoughts are finally free—
Rating; G
Warnings; Another one of those kida-specialties; a fic where characters do basically nothing. So if you don't like that at all...
Summary; Sure thoughts are free, but they keep you up at night.

Long time no see guys, I was flipping through my tags and realized I never shared this. It's at my journal, if you're interested.
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[Challenge #19(?) - Fall] Living or Dead [Aug. 10th, 2008|12:50 pm]
Kino no Tabi Fanfiction

[Current Music |KAITO - The Girl in Byakkoya]

Title: Living or Dead
Rating: PG
Warnings: Er... suggested death?
Summary: There is a disease unwelcome in this country.

Short; for onceCollapse )
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Chrome Heart [Non-Challenge] [Dec. 28th, 2007|09:51 pm]
Kino no Tabi Fanfiction


I'm new to LJ and I don't know how things work. "lj-cut " is tearing me apart emotionally... I'd gladly use it if I knew how.  Sorry... The link there is safe. It's just fanfiction.net.

Title: Chrome Heart
Status: Complete
Rating: R
Warnings: Brief Sexuality.

Summary: [Hermes x Kino.] Through strange circumstances, Hermes becomes human.



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[Non-Challange] Paperwork [Oct. 18th, 2007|09:17 pm]
Kino no Tabi Fanfiction

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[Current Mood |rushedrushed]
[Current Music |kawaii-radio [Origa] Rise]

Title: Paperwork
Rating: G
Warnings: Short, some what silly
Summary: Kino & Hermes meet a strange man.
& a big hug/thanks to thegreenbinder for betaing. <3

all naturalCollapse )
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Non-challenges: A Story of Comfort; Taking Flight; More Motorrads; Animals [Aug. 31st, 2007|06:05 pm]
Kino no Tabi Fanfiction

[Current Mood |busybusy]
[Current Music |Kino's Journey episodes 8, 9 and 10]

I've been on a roll lately and I've written many Kino fics. I haven't posted them here just yet, keeping them in a thread on GaiaOnline. So, finally, I'm posting them all here. :D Sorry that there are so many, but I just couldn't stop. XD (And I don't think I'm finished, really...)

Title: A Story of Comfort
Rating: G
Warnings: Some angst
Summary: Kino dreams again... (Sequel to A Tale of Unknown Desire)

No more dreams came to her for the rest of the night.Collapse )

Title: A Story of Taking Flight
Rating: PG
Warnings: A tad bit of yuri. XD
Summary: Kino wants to stay, but knows that she can't.

There are times when I wish could just disregard my rule of threes.Collapse )

Title: A Story of More Motorrads
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Summary: Kino and Hermes do a little window shopping.

Kino slowly pushed Hermes through the mildly crowded streets...Collapse )

Title: A Story of Animals
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Summary: Hermes enjoys going to the zoo for the most part.

....... Kino. What the heck is THAT?Collapse )


Phew. @___@ That is a lot of fics. More will probably come soon. XD

Also, I have a question regarding the fic challenges. It seems that there hasn't been a new one in a long time. Will it be taken up again? I'm just wondering because I think that the challenges would be fun to do.
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|Anti-Challange| Thoughts on Love [Aug. 24th, 2007|08:39 pm]
Kino no Tabi Fanfiction

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[Current Music |[Jennifer Knapp] All Consuming Fire]

Title: Thoughts on Love
Rating: PG
Warnings: Hints at a one-sided Shizu/Kino relationship, one-sided Hermes/Kino too. OOC Shizu & Hermes?
Summary: Hermes & Shizu stay up late talking about love.

<3Collapse )
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|No Challange| Museum of Medicine [Aug. 15th, 2007|07:27 pm]
Kino no Tabi Fanfiction

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[Current Mood |calmcalm]
[Current Music |[Gorillaz] Kids with Guns]

Title: Museum of Medicine
Rating: G
Warnings: Talks about various genetic disorders? Misinterpreted relationships by Hermes?
Summary: Kino & Hermes visit a museum.

Turning into a doctor on me?Collapse )
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Non-challenge: A Tale of Unknown Desire [Aug. 14th, 2007|10:41 am]
Kino no Tabi Fanfiction

[Current Mood |embarrassedembarrassed]
[Current Music |Hellsing Original Soundtracks]

Okay, it's me again. :D Don't kill me because of this fic, though.

Title: A Tale of Unknown Desire
Rating: pg-13
Warnings: um... some pretty heavy making out? (In a Kino fic?? This is maddness!!)
Summary: Kino couldn't quite believe it, but she was kissing her motorcycle.

Kino felt a warm sensation spread throughout her body as the young man walked closer to her.Collapse )
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|Not Challenging| Dreaded Question [Aug. 11th, 2007|08:24 pm]
Kino no Tabi Fanfiction

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[Current Mood |lazylazy]

Title: Dreaded Question
Rating: G
Warnings: Without a plot, short...
Summary: Hermes is anxious to get to the next country.

A phrase used by little children on long journeysCollapse )
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Non-challenge: Becoming a Star [Aug. 8th, 2007|07:23 pm]
Kino no Tabi Fanfiction
[Current Mood |crazycrazy]
[Current Music |Hey Juliet - LMNT]

I wrote this a while ago. I never thought it was very good, though. Anyway...


Title: Becoming a Star
Rating: PG
Warnings: None, but it's angsty. ^^;
Summary: Haven't thought of a good one, eh. :/

"Do you think you'll ever settle down, Kino?"
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